Dibz Review: Best SEO Link Building Software

Welcome to our in-depth review of Dibz, the ultimate tool for advanced link building. In this article, we’ll explore the features, functionalities, and real-world applications of Dibz to help you supercharge your SEO efforts. By the end of this read, you’ll understand why Dibz is a must-have for digital marketers and SEO professionals.

Background of Dibz and Its Creator

Dibz is the brainchild of Rad, a seasoned expert in digital marketing and co-founder of Four Dots marketing agency. A decade ago, Rad and his team faced challenges managing their link building and SEO operations, which led to the creation of Dibz and other SEO-focused tools. Today, Dibz stands as a testament to Rad’s commitment to simplifying the link prospecting process.

Dibz Features and Functionality

Dibz is packed with features that set it apart from the competition. Let’s dive into what makes Dibz exceptional:

  • Advanced Link Prospect Research: Dibz scrapes Google SERPs with your keywords and advanced search parameters, identifying the best websites for link building.
  • Custom Spam Algorithm: Its unique spam algorithm automatically filters out irrelevant or spammy websites, ensuring you focus on quality prospects.
  • CSV Upload: Easily upload your own prospects, streamlining your outreach efforts.
  • Unlimited Team Collaboration: If you run an agency, Dibz offers unlimited user places and team members, all neatly organized in one dashboard.

Using Dibz – A Step-by-Step Guide

Let’s walk through how to harness Dibz’s power for your link building needs:

  1. Running a New Search: Log into Dibz and initiate a new search.
  2. Adding Keywords and Search Parameters: Specify your keywords and search parameters to refine your search.
  3. Selecting Link Types: Choose the type of links you want to build, e.g., “Guest Posts.”
  4. Adjusting Ahrefs Metrics and Contact Data: Tailor the results based on Ahrefs metrics and contact data.
  5. Initiating the Search: Hit start, and Dibz does the heavy lifting.
  6. Exporting Results for Outreach: Select the results you like, export the CSV, and import it into your email outreach tools or contact websites manually.

Unique Benefits of Dibz

Dibz stands out in multiple ways:

  • Custom SPAM Metrics: Say goodbye to irrelevant prospects thanks to advanced SPAM metrics.
  • Predefined Advanced Search Parameters: Enjoy the convenience of predefined search parameters for Google.
  • Blacklist of Unwanted Websites: Avoid unwanted websites with Dibz’s blacklist feature.
  • Advanced Email Contact Retrieval: Streamline your outreach with advanced email contact retrieval.
  • CSV Upload for Prospects: Easily integrate your prospects into Dibz.

Pricing and Lifetime Access

Dibz offers an incredible deal – lifetime access for just $49! This includes 20 monthly credits and the option to stack this deal up to 5 times for a total of 100 monthly credits. And don’t forget, Sumo-lings will get access to future updates.

Click here to get lifetime access to Dibz for just $49

Real-World Use Cases

Dibz is versatile and can be applied to various scenarios:

  • Giveaways and Sweepstakes: Find specific opportunities using preset search templates.
  • Content Promotion: Identify platforms that republish content they find interesting.
  • Guest Blogging: Locate blogs that accept guest posts by searching keywords, niche, or topic.
  • Reviews: Discover sites that review products and services and link to suppliers.

Use Cases of Dibz:

1. SEO Professionals and Agencies:

  • SEO professionals and agencies can streamline their link building efforts, saving time and resources.
  • Dibz’s advanced filtering options and custom spam algorithm ensure they only focus on high-quality prospects.

2. Content Marketers:

  • Content marketers can use Dibz to discover platforms that are interested in republishing their content, increasing brand exposure.

3. Guest Bloggers:

  • Guest bloggers can easily find websites that accept guest posts by searching for keywords, niches, or topics of interest.

4. Product and Service Providers:

  • Businesses offering products and services can identify websites that review such offerings and link back to their sites, improving brand visibility.

5. Giveaways and Sweepstakes Promoters:

  • Those running giveaways and sweepstakes can use Dibz to find relevant opportunities using preset search templates.

How Businesses Can Benefit from Dibz:

1. Improved Link Building:

  • Dibz simplifies and automates the link prospecting process, allowing businesses to build better and higher authority links.

2. Time and Cost Savings:

  • Dibz’s advanced features reduce the time spent on prospecting and filtering, which can result in significant cost savings for businesses.

3. Enhanced Outreach Efforts:

  • Businesses can focus their energy on outreach, knowing that Dibz has done the heavy lifting in finding relevant prospects.

4. Increased Brand Exposure:

  • Content marketers can identify platforms interested in their content, leading to more opportunities for content publication and increased brand exposure.

5. Targeted Marketing:

  • Guest bloggers and product/service providers can find specific websites aligned with their niche, allowing for targeted marketing efforts.

6. Enhanced SEO Performance:

  • Dibz helps businesses improve their SEO by acquiring high-quality backlinks, which can positively impact search engine rankings.

7. Organization and Collaboration:

  • For agencies and larger teams, Dibz provides organization and collaboration features, allowing for seamless workflow management.

8. Lifetime Access Savings:

  • The lifetime access offer from Dibz at an affordable one-time payment ensures long-term cost efficiency for businesses.

By incorporating these use cases and benefits into your blog article, you’ll provide your readers with a comprehensive understanding of how Dibz can be applied and the value it can bring to businesses across different sectors.

Future Updates and Integration

Dibz is continually evolving. Future updates will include social metrics and additional SEO and email finder tools. As a Sumo-ling, you’ll have access to all these exciting features.


In conclusion, Dibz is a game-changer for link building and SEO professionals. Its advanced features, user-friendliness, and the incredible lifetime access offer make it a must-have tool.

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