AgencyEasy Review -Streamline and Automate Reports

Are you spending more time preparing client reports than gathering the actual data? Say goodbye to the tedious reporting process with AgencyEasy, a white-label digital marketing platform designed to automate client reports and streamline data retrieval tasks.

Unifying SEO Data on a Single Dashboard

AgencyEasy revolutionizes your agency’s reporting process by unifying your SEO data on a single dashboard. It integrates multiple SEO tools, allowing you to manage multiple projects at once. With AgencyEasy, you can track Search Engine Rankings for multiple keywords for each URL, complete with localization options.

Creating Custom Reports

The block-based report builder lets you create custom reports with the data you want to show from each channel. You can add custom commentary and content blocks to guide clients through the report and include your own insights.

Full White-Labeling Support

What’s more? AgencyEasy supports full white-labeling including CNAME, allowing you to use the tool on your own domain. You can update the platform with your logo and brand colors to match your branding and feel like an in-house tool.

Automating Report Delivery

Watch as we demonstrate how you can schedule when reports go out to deliver data consistently and keep everyone in sync. We also show you how to send white-label emails from your domain, letting you have a separate email address for your campaigns.


Join us as we explore how AgencyEasy makes digital marketing reports painless with a unified analytics dashboard, block-based report builder, email automation, and white-label features. Generate reports in a snap and spend more of your energy on the two words that truly matter to your campaigns – “Cha” and “Ching.” Get lifetime access to AgencyEasy today! Visit here to learn more.

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