How to Research Keywords in WriterZen

What exactly is WriterZen?

WriterZen is a revolutionary toolset that assists you in identifying and executing keywords and content that can fast rank through a golden keyword explorer, topic relevancy analysis, and accurate content references distribution. It is a feature-rich all-in-one bundle for your daily SEO and content requirements.


There are many features in WriterZen but the features we need to research our keywords are:

  1. Topic Discovery: The Topic Discovery Module allows you to investigate subtopics published by competitors swiftly. This Topic Discovery feature not only saves you hours of research and the dreaded writer’s block, but it also assists you in mapping out your topic clusters to assure your expertise position in Search Engine algorithms.
  2. Keyword Explorer: The Keyword Explorer module makes use of the Google Keyword Database to help you rapidly uncover Golden Keywords with a high possibility of ranking in the Top 10, 20, and 30 in the shortest amount of time. The application also provides Search Intent Analysis to assist you in developing a well-thought-out SEO funnel campaign. The auto-clustering option allows you to automatically combine keywords that can rank together, saving you hours of tedious effort.

WriterZen - Topic Discovery - Keyword Explore - Passivern
As this article is mainly focused on keyword research so I am not going to discuss all the features of WriterZen here. I will discuss only the features you need to research your keywords.

Step By Step Process: 


Step 1:  At first, go to WriterZen and sign up or sign in.

Step 2: Go to Topic Discovery

WriterZen Topic Discovery - Passivern

Step 3: Search Your “Seed Keyword” here in the search bar.

Step 4: Select your targeted country and targeted language.

Step 5: Then Click on Search.

Topic Discovery Seed Keywords - WriterZen Passivern

Step 6: Select the topics from where you want to get the ideas about the topics of your website.

Inside WriterZen Topic Discovery Feature - Passivern

Step 7: Make a list of your selected topics so that you can access them later. You can also export the list from the export option.

WriterZen Topic List - Passivern

Step 8: Go to Keyword Explorer and then search your seed “Seed Keyword” by selecting your targeted country and targeted location.

WriterZen Keyword Explorer - Passivern

Step 9: You will be redirected to an interface like this where you will see all the statistics about your “Seed Keyword”. But in the beginning, it’s very hard to get rank for the seed keyword. So we want to rank for the related long-term keywords of our seed keyword. To get these long-term keywords, scroll down.

Inside WriterZen Keyword Explorer - Passivern

Step 10: Filter your expected volume, allintitle, and other things as well as enable the golden filter of WriterZen.

Keyword Explorer Filter

Step 11: After enabling your golden filter now WriterZen will give you a golden score for every keyword. Keep this golden score within 0-30. Because according to WriterZen blog —

There are 3 Level in Keyword Golden ration in WriterZen. WriterZen score KGR from 0-100.

Level 1: 0 – 30 — It’s very good to rank. Because they have low Allintitle and high search volume. So this is what we want , right?

Level 2: 31- 70 — These are the medium valued keywords. Because they have low allintitle but also have low search volume.

Level 3: 71-100 — Do not touch them. Because these keywrods has a very high competitions.

Step 12: You can golden filter by the ranking probability or by the potential value according to your need. But if you want to golden filter by potential value, must keep the ratio bellow 0.

WriterZen Golden Filter - By Potential ValueWriterZen Golden Filter - By Ranking Probability

Step 13: Now you need to cluster your keywords. You can do it manually also but here WriterZen has a feature to cluster your keywords automatically which will save your time. It’s an amazing feature of WriterZen.

WriterZen Keyword Cluster

Step 14: Go to the “CLUSTERS” option and then click on “Activate”.

WriterZen Keyword Cluster Activate - Passivern

Step 15: After Clustering your keyword research has been done. Now you can export your data. I have researched keywords for “Email Marketing” seed keywords. If you want to get it you can download the spreadsheets from here.


For more visual experience about this keyword research in WriterZen, watch this video.


What is KGR?

Keyword Golden Ratio (KGR) guides us in identifying keywords with low levels of competition that quickly rank at the top of Google searches without requiring a significant investment of resources. Typically, if you select a keyword with a low (low is good) KGR, the keyword will appear on SERPs pretty soon after being published and indexed by Google.   Furthermore, the Keyword Golden Ratio is a calculation that indicates how many other websites will have to compete for the same keyword. In short, The lower the KGR, the better the chances of ranking high on Google.

What is Golden Filter in WirterZen?

The purpose of the golden filter is to help you figure out what long-tail keywords in the list are low in competition and by low in competition the way WriterZen define it is that it would have a low enough allintitle number; how many times does the keyword here appear in the web of the content title of a webpage that tries to rank.

What is the Good Golden Score on WriterZen:

There are 3 Levels in the Keyword Golden ratio in WriterZen. WriterZen score KGR from 0-100.

  • Level 1: 0 – 30 — It’s very good to rank. Because they have low Allintitle and high search volume. So this is what we want, right?
  • Level 2: 31- 70 — These are the medium-valued keywords. Because they have low allintitle but also have low search volume.
  • Level 3: 71-100 — Do not touch them. Because these keywords have very high competition.

What is a Keyword cluster in WirterZen?

The keyword cluster is a fantastic feature that you won’t find in many keyword tools. Even Ahref and Semrush don’t have it. In simple words, you can think of keyword clustering as Keyword grouping. Keyword clusters permit you to group keywords with similar intent together. You can attempt to rank for all of these keywords at the same time while writing an article. Clustering your keywords may be done manually, but it is EXTREMELY time-consuming and challenging to do it manually. As a result, it’s preferable to use tools like this to assist you. WriterZen organizes all of the related terms you’ve seen so far into clusters. The top keyword is known as the “parent keyword,” while the keywords below it are known as “sub-keywords.” Each cluster should ideally be an article. You can also rank for the parent keyword with just one article and all their sub-keywords. Keyword clustering is a technique to improve the search engine rankings of websites by grouping similar keywords together. The goal is to have all pages in your website be ranked for each keyword in the group, rather than having every page rank for every keyword individually.

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