($59)Optinly Lifetime Deal Review: Is it Worth it?

Hey Marketers, I know you’re constantly juggling multiple marketing campaigns across a number of channels. With so many visuals to create and material to write, gathering leads and pushing bargains via website popups might fall by the wayside. Well, if you want to tap into the power of popups without the added effort,  then I’ve got just the personalized tool for you named OPTINLY. Get Optinly Lifetime Deal from here.

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What is Optinly?

Optinly is a lead generation tool that generates pop-ups that may take your website or business to a whole new level. This will significantly boost your brand and expand your reach without requiring any complicated setups.

Optinly removes the guesswork from producing pop-ups by giving professional templates depending on your marketing goals, and it includes its own built-in. The opt-in templates for visitors to your site are simple to use, and the pop-ups may be tailored to your specific requirements. Optinly provides a bunch of pop-up templates to select from.

You may also build many pop-ups on a single page and toggle between them. You may use pop-ups on your website to encourage visitors to subscribe to your newsletter, receive a special offer, download a free report, or redirect to your special deal, offer page, and also to redirect them to your Facebook Group or other social media community.

More precisely, if you are familiar with Optin Monster, WisePops, and Poptin; Optinly is the best alternatives which is basically a popup builder.

As OptinMonster, WisePops, and Poptin are so expensive and also have some limitations in features, you can get Optinly Lifetime Deal right now from here to get lifetime access in Optinly with a 10% discount at less than $59.



Optinly - Best Opt-in Lead Generation Tool Lifetime Deal - What is Optinly? - Optinly Lifetime Deal Review


In this blog, I can’t wait to tell you about Optinly, which helps you build website popups that engage visitors so you can monetize your traffic and grow your email list. Now, here’s where Optinly is unique: Optinly takes a goal-based approach that makes things easier on you and your business. Each goal represents a primary growth goal that every marketer wants to achieve, and it comes with a ready-made template that helps you hit your numbers.

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Who is Optinly for?

Optinly is best for

  • E-commerce stores
  • Digital marketers
  • Startup
  • Website Owners

Basically, people who want to use effective pop-ups to capture user attention, they can do so with Optinly. You can use Optinly to build up a successful business without worrying about the pop-ups which may hurt the sales. More precisely, whatever is your business, if you are interested to grow your Email List or Email audience targeted for your niche, then Optinly is the best choice for you.


Why Opt-in is important for your Business?

Let’s tell the real-life story, Jennifer has a lot of friends that she met on social media, so why is opting into mailing lists still important for companies? If a person’s email address is already in the database tied to your email list you can be easily delivered whatever it is you have to offer them. Additionally, if you’re doing any kind of marketing campaign or promotional offer where you want people to sign up and receive updates or notifications there is no better way than Email Marketing. And to build this list, one of the best and easiest ways is to opt-in. The goal with opting people in should be to get your message straight into someone’s inbox so they will know there is something new going on.

Optinly makes this easy and meaningful because you can easily build your TARGETED subscribers list through the opt-in forms of Optinly. With an email marketing tool like opt-in, each person becomes more engaged with the internet by giving their email address to somebody that they are comfortable with. And now people really enjoy having monthly newsletters sent out when they receive a heads up about something going on or have been honored for some reason by looking at his/her quotes list there is no better way of getting them as deeply involved in what goes down on the net than making it easier for them to give things away every month without paying attention.


Why should you need to use the opt-in method in the case of Email Marketing?

Email marketing is the most effective way to communicate with your customers, prospects, and constituents. Email Marketing allows for the distribution of proprietary information, offers, and more through a single email connection. Now you can question me that I can collect a huge number of bulk emails from any source, then why do I need an opt-in method again? Okay, my friend, you can collect a big Bulk Email but are the owners of these Emails really interested in your products? Have they targeted emails? If Not, then the answer is the bulk mailing doesn’t really work. You need a targeted email list who are interested in your products or services. It has been proven that only 5% of people open emails that they did not specifically opt-in for. The other 95% of recipients may be put off by SPAM rules by their email service providers.

Another key reason why marketers prefer using the opt-in form is that they reduce bounce rate on websites while improving user engagement & conversion rates by triggering users’ emotions through captivating visual design which helps them understand & act as per your message/product quickly without any obstacles or confusion.

For these reasons, it’s important to use an opt-in method to create a fully engaged and loyal customer base.


Optinly - Best Opt-in Lead Generation Tool Lifetime Deal - What is Optinly? - Optinly Lifetime Deal Review


Why Optinly Is the Best?

Optinly not only lets you create pop-ups but also enables complete control over their creation. Moreover, Optinly has a built-in editor for those who want to edit more than one template at once and make all changes effortlessly with a single click.


Features and Benefits of Optinly:


Optinly Lifetime Deal Features


Optinly Features:

  • Exit-Intent Popups — You may build Exit Intent Popups so that whenever the user going to quit your site, you can offer them discounts, gifts, and coupon coupons to ensure that they will stay more time on your website. And it will increase your conversion rate, engagement rate, and also it will decrease the bounce rate of your website. Optinly Exit Intent Popup
  • Floating Sidebar — These pop-ups are unobtrusive and will be visible to visitors as they navigate across your website. It will show in the sidebars of your website. These are ideal for displaying news and offers that are exclusive to your website. Optinly Floating Sidebar
  • Gamification Popups — If you are interested to attract first-time visitors to your website, these pop-ups are the way to go. Optinly provides the greatest options for gamification pop-ups that can be used to engage users and generate more interactions. Anyway, the other name of this type of popup is Spin Wheel Pop-ups. Optinly Spin Wheel Popup
  • Notifications Pop-ups — You may use these pop-ups to inform your consumers about your well-known webinars, ebooks, and case studies. These pop-ups capture the attention of your website’s visitors right away. Optinly Notification Poupu
  • Full-Screen Popups— This feature is for product launches, unique deals, and the most recent news from your industry firm. Optinly Full Screen Popup
  • Time-Delays Pop-ups – Time-Delays Pop-ups are used to communicate messages at the appropriate time and to fast boost your leads. You can set up a countdown timer using these features for your special offers. Optinly Time Delayed Popup
  • Video Popup: Optinly has a video popup option also. You can use it to show any video on your website in the form of a popup.
  • Popup Launcher: Using a popup launcher, you can offer your audience any special product, service, giveaway, or custom rewards.
  • Embed Popup: You can embed this type of popup anywhere just by placing a single shortcode on your website which will increase your email list day by day.
  • Advanced Triggering Options – You may rely on this program to determine the right time for popups to appear. So here Optinly will decide when is the best time to appear the opt-in form in front of your website visitors so that they can subscribe to your email list or take your offer.
  • Powerful Targeting Options – This feature will assist you in displaying relevant popups. In other words, those that appear based on the visitor’s interests. You can control full displaying features such as when to show and when not to show specific triggers of the pop-ups deeply using this feature for every site visit.
  • Short Code for Names — Using shortcodes, your website may automatically greet visitors by their first names.
  • Responsive Pop-ups — with this capability, you can develop pop-ups that are suitable for the user’s any kinds of devices with a focused marketing approach.
Spin Wheel Optinly Feature



You can Integrate a lot of other major marketing platforms with Optinly such as —

  • Mailchimp
  • Sendinblue
  • Zapier
  • Convert Kit
  • Hubspot
  • Mailer Lite
  • Klaviyo
  • Sendgrid
  • Inbox
  • Intercom
  • Integrately
  • Pabbly
  • Sendfox
  • Highlevel
  • Active Campaign
  • Getresponse
  • Customer . io
  • Moosend
  • Automizy
  • Drip
  • Integroment
  • Webhook
  • Encharge
  • Sendy
  • Aweber
  • Campaign Monitor
  • Vbout
  • Acumbamail
  • KonnectzIT
  • FluentCRM

And many more.

Optinly Integrations

Optinly Setup in Website:

To setup Optinly on your website, just follow the steps:

  • Step 1: Install a popup plugin named “Optinly” on your website.
  • Step 2: Sign up for Optinly.
  • Step 3: After Signup, you will get an app ID in your Optinly dashboard.
  • Step 4: Copy the App ID and paste the App ID into your website.
  • Step 5: Customize and Place your opt-in pop-ups.

For more detailed tutorial on how to set up, watch this video:


Pros and Cons of Optinly:


  • In-depth analytics for important and key metrics such as clicks, conversions, and page views allow you to evaluate how your pop-ups are doing.
  • Templates do not increase the load time of the website as they are not hosted on your own website.
  • A lot of beautiful and Convertable popup templates library.
  • Fully customizable templates.
  • Advanced Triggering Options.
  • Multiple marketing tools integrations.


  • Optinly is designed for Email collection, not for Email Sending. So you need another tool to send emails to your customers.

Optinly Reviews:

At the time I am writing this article, the review looks like that on App sumo:

AppSumo – 154 reviews
☆☆☆☆☆ (5/5)
To see more reviews, go here.

Optinly Pricing:

Passivern Optinly Pricing

But the good news is, you don’t have to pay for every month. You can have a LIFETIME Deal of Optinly.

Passivern Lifetime Deal Special Discount


Optinly Lifetime Deal Pricing in Appsumo:



Features Included in Lifetime Deal Plans

  • 75+ premium templates
  • Exit-intent technology
  • 6 pop-up form types
  • 12 email service provider integrations
  • In-depth analytics dashboard
  • Advanced targeting
  • Integrations: Zapier, Pabbly Connect, Integrately, and Pixabay
  • Spin wheel gamified pop-up
  • Eyecatcher and pop-up launcher
  • Countdown timer pop-up

Frequently Asked Questions:

How many pops up can I use in Optinly?

If you are a lifetime deal user of Optinly, you can use unlimited pop up.

Can I add my own branding in my Opt-in form of Optinly?

Of course, you can use your own branding. It will be totally white-labeled. You can use your own logo and other branding.

Can I refund Optinly if I purchase?

Of course, you can. You can refund Optinly within 60 days of your buying period. No matter the reason, if you don’t like it after using it, just go and get the full refund without any hassle. Keep in mind, you have to refund within 60 days.

Can I have a free trial in Optinly Lifetime Deal?

Yes and No. Actually, you have to buy it and then you can use it for 60 days. Within 60 days, if you don’t like it, you can refund it without showing any reason. So it’s kind of a free trial right?

How can I get 10% discount coupons to buy Andromo?

Follow the steps —

  • Step 1: At first, Click Here, it will redirect you to the product page.
  • Step 2: Wait for some time and then you will get a pop-up for a 10% discount code.
  • Step 3: In the pop-up, submit a new Email that you never used in Appsumo.
  • Step 4: After submitting, wait a few minutes and check your mailbox [ Both Promotion and Inbox ].
  • Step 5: You will get a mail from Appsumo which will give you a unique PROMO Code for a 10% discount for Optinly.
  • Step 6: After that open an account in Appsumo with the same Email and then click on the “Buy Now” button on the Optinly product page.
  • Step 7: You will get a place to submit your promo code. Just submit your promo code here and then you will get a 10% discount instantly.

So if the main price of Optinly is $59, after getting a 10% discount you can buy it for $53.1 for your Lifetime.



Optinly is a very powerful tool that can help you generate more leads and sales. It’s packed with features to make it easier for you to build an opt-in form, track the performance of your emails, and even schedule email campaigns. I, personally use this tool and recommend you to use it if you want to build your successful email list.

Get the lifetime deal of Optinly from here.

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