Ligna Lifetime Deal Review($69) – Get with 10% Discount

You’ve had to piece together a slew of different tools to get the job done when it comes to your business and marketing.

Furthermore, even after building an effective system, you’re either not ready to grow or are forced to continue paying for things like Email and CMS on a per-user basis.

What if there was a single platform that included all of the tools you required, as well as automated your processes to make them more efficient and easy to track??

In this blog, we’re taking a look at Ligna – the complete sales and marketing platform that centralizes your processes so you can get back to enjoying your business.

Ligna At A Glance

Alright, let’s get it! If you’re running a business, you have a lot to do in your day-to-day.

– You have to manage a CRM platform for prospecting and client acquisition

– Another software for bookings and appointments

– Another for workflow and collecting payments

Another for… well, you get it.

You’re losing a ton of time trying to work that way. Ligna puts all of this – and more – at your fingertips in a single, powerful solution so that you can manage your entire sales process from one tab in your browser.

Plus, Ligna makes follow-up practically hands-free. You can schedule and trigger automated drip messages via Email, SMS, and voice so you can ensure no customer contact gets left behind. Every activity is tracked inside easy-to-follow timelines and allows additional users to collaborate on any lead or account. Automating your daily internet marketing efforts, you free yourself to focus on what matters – delivering value to your customers.

You can create custom project templates and clone them to have streamlined, repeatable processes where everything gets tracked and recorded for fully transparent operations. And Ligna’s project management tools allow you to build and manage both internal and client projects quickly. A d if you think that’s great, I’m sure you’re going to love the bajillion other features you get access to like: full CRM reporting; Email,  SMS, and voicemail capabilities; social media automation; funnel-building; hosting courses…

I’m sure there’s gotta be something Ligna can’t do – but I haven’t found it yet…If you’re a marketing agency, lead gen company, or digital entrepreneur,  Ligna pulls all your daily marketing and sales operations together in one platform. It means you can get all your work done from one browser tab. Is it so and good? Great. Grab Ligna today.



So, What is Ligna?

One platform, Ligna, helps manage every component of your marketing and complete the sales process from a single, centralized location, saving you time and money.

Ligna is an alternative solution of Highlevel.

Who Must Use Ligna?

Ligna is Best for

  • Marketing agencies
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Growth hackers looking for a fully loaded platform for sales and marketing

Ligna Features

You can automate your follow-up with Ligna’s sales and marketing stack, including Email, voicemail, SMS text message notification, call forwarding, and social channels to engage your consumers.

Now, let’s have a look at some of the characteristics of Ligna;

Automated Follow-up Sequences

Automating follow-up using Email, phone, SMS, call-forwarding campaigns, and social media platforms are all possible with the sales and marketing stack.

Every lead is tracked in an easy-to-follow chronology, so you can be sure that you’re following up with them all.

Ligna Lifetime Deal Review Automated Follow up Feature

Projects Undertaken by the Agency

Ligna provides various project management tools that allow you to begin working as soon as a client is onboarded and are specifically built for the complicated ongoing projects that you may find in all agencies.

Project Management Tool

It is possible to create and assign an endless number of tasks and subtasks to both internal and external stakeholders using Ligna’s dashboard functionality.

The project management tool enables project managers to collaborate on assigning tasks and responsibilities, ensuring that everyone has complete visibility and accountability.

With the ability to save an infinite number of assets for each project, you’ll be able to ensure that everyone on your team has access to what they need when they need it.

To ensure that nothing falls through the cracks, you may utilize other views such as the timeline and the Kanban board to supervise project execution.

Ligna Lifetime Deal Project Management Tool

CMS (Consulting and Management Services)

When you use Ligna, you will have a funnel builder that is suitable for any designer.

This funnel builder’s drag and drop functionality allows you to make complex, code-level adjustments that your designers will appreciate.

There is no need for technical experience to use Ligna’s designer-built CMS, which lets you control all of your design aspects. The ability to effortlessly construct and import new sites, as well as site templates that your team may reuse, will be at your fingertips.

In addition, you may edit site-wide content blocks with a single click, thanks to the global tag system.

Ligna Lifetime Deal CMS & Funnel Builder Feature

Assistance from the Agency

Client administration has been significantly simpler. Su h benefits as fewer calls, more tickets, and higher business margins with repeat customers are now more readily available.

You can communicate effectively to receive updates or adjustments with more speed.

Marketing for a Marketing Agency

Ligna’s marketing automation is essential for growing operations for your close clients, and it is available for free. This platform will automate social media marketing efforts and Email, SMS, phone, and other everyday marketing tasks to make your agency more productive.

Customer Relationship Management (CRM)

Ligna has a built-in customer relationship management system (CRM) designed primarily for marketing companies. It enables sales teams to employ artificial intelligence to automate follow-up, close clients, and interact smoothly amongst themselves.

Ligna Lifetime Deal CRM & Lead Management Tool


Lead Management Tool

Ligna lets you make as many data collection onboarding forms as you need to get files, assets, client data, and more for easy onboarding.

The platform has built-in training videos that show how to use each feature and show how it works. If that’s not enough, there is always help with training.

You don’t have to be a project manager or an admin to make content pages, knowledge management databases, and learning management courses. You can do this quickly.

There are many different ways to make the system look like your brand or your client’s brand, so you can make it look exactly how you want it to be.

Agency-Related Activity

Using intelligent analytics, every action and event will be tracked and recorded in Ligna. You can track everything from calls to prospects to tasks, online traffic to SERP ranking, incoming and outbound Emails to SMS discussions, and much more, all from one place.

You can provide total transparency to your clients and employees.

It is possible to develop training and automation materials for your clients and employees using the Ligna Agency Portal. You may present your training videos, webinars, documents, and onboarding tools in a completely customizable portal.

Resources Available to the Agency

In exchange for their services, you will receive brilliant individuals who are specialists in their technology and marketing, with whom you may complement your team to expand more quickly, efficiently, and cost-effectively.



Ligna Regular Pricing

Here is the regular pricing of Ligna which starts from $97/month and can increase depending on your need!

Ligna Regular Pricing

Don’t want to pay for every month? Get Ligna Lifetime Deal!

Ligna Lifetime Deal Pricing

Ligna Lifetime Deal pricing starts with $69, and it can be up to $690, depending on your need. But you are getting a 10% discount from here. I will explain how to get 10% Off soon. See the pricing to get Ligna Lifetime Access.

Ligna Lifetime Deal Pricing

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Appsumo 10 Percent Discount Popup

Ligna Lifetime Deal Features:

  • Marketing automation (Email, SMS, and voice)
  • CRM and lead management (unlimited leads and accounts)
  • Unlimited sites, funnels, and blogs
  • Complete projects and task management
  • Total voice minutes (tracking, VoIP, and IVR)
  • Complete social scheduling and curation accounts
  • 100% branded as your agency

Frequently Asked Questions about Ligna


Is this based on the Go high level language? Or Is there any connection between going high level and going high level?

Ligna is not affiliated with GoHighlevel in any way.

Is there an email validation feature in Ligna?

We employ various email validation services for vast lists of emails sent out on behalf of our partners who rely on the platform for email marketing. Several processes are used by the Ligna authority to verify numbers, including their interface with Numverify for mobile-to-landline calls and our integration with verified numbers for verified numbers.

What is the advantage of having a complete stack?

Full-stack will provide you with increased SMS/email restrictions and unlimited user logins, allowing you to add new customers that require access and parent accounts who require their own kid users.

Does anybody have an idea whether there is a plan to integrate calendars (google, apple, outlook, etc.) to make it easier to use the meeting planner and avoid multiple bookings?

Ligna has completed the mapping of Office 365 to the system, and the calendar sync component is the final step in achieving the Office 365 integration. Ligna is now awaiting clearance from Google and has not begun work on the Apple platform.

What is the best way to send a text message to a cellphone number? Is it necessary for me to purchase a different number?

You don’t need to purchase a different number. In Ligna, you may sign up for a VoIP line right away. On e you have a lead in the system, you may send them an SMS straight away, or you can send them a batch of SMSes, or you can plan campaigns.

Is it permissible to send a cold email in this situation?

While you may send cold emails, your deliverability rates and block counts will suffer if you are spammy and your email hygiene is poor.

You may import your customer and lead lists into the system and use the tool to automate a series of actions for your customers and leads. You must maintain a high degree of personal cleanliness, and our procedures are designed to assist you in doing so. You are also allowed to set up your SMTP relay and employ an infinite number of relays.

Will there be a fee for future upgrades, or will they be provided for free?

No, not. We are more than a software firm; we are also a white label service provider, which means that our MMR is not just dependent on software licensing sales.

Is it OK to refer to Users as people who are part of my team or as persons who are clients?

This would be an individual you would like to have their own login. You have the opportunity to establish as many workspaces as you want and specify what each workspace contains and how many assets are contained within each workspace.

I’d want to purchase the entire stack, which is 350,000 emails every month. Is this a worldwide service? Or is it for each client/user account permitted to have?

The inventory is available to all users; therefore, it is a worldwide inventory. If you begin to exceed these restrictions, you may either add more to your account or bypass our system at your discretion.

Do you have an email builder on your computer?

Yes, the system includes an email client and a website builder.

Are there any options available to us if a client fails to pay us for our services and wants to remove their websites?

Delete the site, and you will be able to restore it at your leisure.

How many websites can I establish for a single User/customer?

There is no restriction.

Is there a file storage restriction in place, either at the agency level or at the user/client level?

Yes, you may add as many assets as you like to your cart.

Were our users, clients, and team members provided with their access/login that was separate from the primary one?

Yes, without a doubt. Even though many agencies use Ligna, their clients, mostly business owners, do as well.

Which currencies are supported by Ligna, and which ones are not?

For the time being, Ligna exclusively accepts US cash.

Which countries are supported by VoIP and interactive voice response (IVR) systems?

Ligna is rapidly implementing currency and country codes for phone lines in English-speaking nations initially, and then in other languages later in the year. Ligna is also committed to completing the addition of the United Kingdom, Canada, and Australia by the expiration of this agreement.

What is the size of the Ligna development team?

Ligna’s core development team consists of 12 individuals devoted to providing support for features for our clients. There’s also an extensive staff dedicated to white label services, which includes support for our agencies and the managed services we provide to our customers.

What are the benefits of the Ligna Lifetime Deal?

You are getting Ligna for a lifetime. So you don’t have to pay for every month. You can buy one time and use it rest of your life to generate unlimited words for your blog.

How to get a 10% Discount in Ligna Lifetime Deal in App Sumo?

Follow the procedures —

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  • So if the paramount price of the Ligna Lifetime Deal is $59, after getting a 10% discount, you can buy it for $53.1 for your Lifetime.

Is there a money-back guarantee in Ligna Lifetime Deal?

Yes, of course. You are getting 60 days money-back guarantee in the Ligna lifetime deal from Appsumo, no matter the reason. So buy it today and use it for the next 60 days. If you think it is not helpful, you can refund your full money within these 60 days of purchase.

Is it possible to get a free trial of the Ligna Lifetime Deal?

Both yes and no. You need to purchase it before, and you may use it for 60 days. If you don’t like it after 60 days, you can get a refund without giving a reason. So it’s sort of like a free trial.


Want to boost your agency’s worth by selling to new clients? Fi st, you’ll need a tool that suits your demands.

Agencies may use Ligna’s CRM and CMS to manage their marketing campaigns.

Ligna is the all-in-one sales and marketing platform that helps you operate and develop your business seamlessly.

Your business processes are centralized.

Get Ligna for Lifetime now!



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