Instantly Lifetime Deal Review – AI Powered Cold Email Management

Here’s a B2B email marketing. The fun fact is It takes about four weeks to warm up a new email address for good deliverability. That means four weeks of sending emails and receiving replies every day before Google, Outlook, and the rest of them decide you’re good enough to land in the primary mail inbox. Then you’ve got to work on maintaining it, too. Otherwise, you get sent to spam, and your outreach is pointless.

But that’s where comes in.

Cold emailing is like handing out leaflets for your business to people on the street, and it’s a waste of time and effort. Because it features an image of a cat, “that one has been trashed.”

B2B sales require cold outreach, but it’s practically hard to increase your efforts by sending each letter one by one.

If you want to send customized emails at scale to a large number of recipients while simultaneously warming up your sending accounts, you’ve come to the right place.

It instantly lets you do anything you want.

In this blog, we’re talking about Instantly, the BTB email platform that improves deliverability so you can hit the primary inbox, get more replies, and ultimately close a whole bunch more sales. Sounds too good to be true. It’s not, and I’ll show you why in a second.

What is

Instantly is a cold email campaign management software driven by artificial intelligence that improves deliverability and response rates by using automated account warming and innovative sending capabilities.

Instantly is the alternative of Lemlist and Mail Warm. Overview

Let’s start with the thing no other B2B email platform is doing. Instantly gives you unlimited email connections. This means you can connect every business email your company, agency, or client uses for their Cold outreach. But here’s the coolest and the warmest part. You also get complete warm-ups.

Remember that little stat at the beginning? It takes about four weeks to warm up your email. Well, with Instantly the Email Warm-up feature, you can automate the whole process with best practices so you can be sure your deliverability stays high, and they even give you a little analytical breakdown to prove it’s. Working Instantly will also put your outreach campaigns into an accessible mode with its campaign feature.

Start by uploading your lease. You can match all your fields, including a personalized first line, so each of your emails looks like it was written specifically to the person who’s receiving it. Obviously, it wasn’t because you just wrote out your template and plugged in merge Tags, but I won’t tell from there. Set up the rest of your sequence, schedule your delivery, and turn on the deliverability Boosting features in the Options tab. Then you’re good to launch.

And how do you know that everything is running smoothly once you’ve launched Easy? Just check the analytics dashboard. Everything you need to know is laid out so you can understand each campaign’s performance within 30 seconds of looking at it. How many emails were sent? How many were opened? How many people replied? This is data-driven optimization at its finest, and that’s a wrap on Instantly if you want to boost your email deliverability to get more of your Cold outreach emails in the primary inbox, get more replies and close more sales.

Start using Instantly today a tiny bit of air in the front, everything else by hand, and we’re good to go.


Who Need

Instantly is Best for:

  • B2B sales leaders
  • Agencies
  • Startups
  • Freelancers who are looking for an all-in-one tool to scale cold email outreach.

Why Use Instantly?

  • With dynamic personalization tags of Instantly and smart campaigns with scheduled sends and follow-ups, you can maximize open and response rates.
  • By utilizing dynamic personalization tags, along with scheduled sends and follow-ups, it is possible to increase your mail open and response rates.

The purpose of

  • If you want to avoid being labeled as spam, you may easily connect and warm-up limitless email accounts.
  • Use multi-step sequences and complex sending conditions to create intelligent email campaigns.
  • You can use multiple emails to send email campaigns at the same time.
  • To get the best open rates, send your emails at specific times of the day.
  • Using our easy dashboard, you can monitor and evaluate your campaigns.

Instantly Features

Connect and track limitless sending accounts

As you produce more leads and expand your business, you may instantly connect limitless email accounts for delivering cold outreach messages.

From a single, simple dashboard, you’ll be able to send emails from various providers while keeping track of all of them in one place.

And with a single click, you can keep your emails out of spam folders by enabling or disabling an automatic warm-up function.

Instantly ai Lifetime Deal Unlimited Mail Connect Feature

Customize the number of messages delivered from each account to avoid spam

You may gradually increase the number of emails you send, warming up your accounts and increasing deliverability, so you land in the inboxes of your customers and potential customers.

For example, you may use numerous email sending accounts for a single campaign to automate daily sending increases, or you can establish a delivery restriction and use various email accounts for the same campaign.

In addition, you’ll be able to check how many of your warm-up emails were sent and how many were rescued from the spam folder.

Instantly will even inform you if an account is disconnected from fixing the issue fast.


Instantly ai Lifetime Deal Unlimited Email Warmup

Automates Smart Mailing Sequences

Using AI, you can instantly automate every stage of your campaign-building process, from adding dynamic tags to messages to planning an intelligent send sequence.

The dynamic message template Instantly uses unique information for each prospect, such as name, company, and title, which you can upload from your lead lists.

If you want, you can use Instantly’s custom variables to incorporate more information about your prospect.

Send follow-up messages automatically in the days after your initial outreach—and instruct Instantly to stop following up if a prospect responds to your original message.

Your messages won’t be labeled as spam since you can pick which warmed-up email accounts are used, and you may restrict the number of emails you send each day.

Instantly Lifetime Deal Email Sequence

Immediate Marketing and Outreach Insights

Once your campaigns are up and going, Instantly provides comprehensive statistics on send, open, and response rates.

As you grow your outreach, keep an eye on how it’s doing, whether it’s changing subject lines or rewriting email body text.

All of your outreach will show patterns that you can analyze or focus on outcomes unique to a campaign and use to help you make more educated decisions.

Unlimited Mail Warm-up

You can keep your emails out of spam by using Instantly’s warm-up tool to connect favorably with them.

Instantly Lifetime Deal Analytics

Instantly Pricing

Instantly Regular Pricing

Instantly regular pricing starts from $37/month, and it can be up to $97/month or more, depending on your need. See the detailed pricing below.

Instantly Regular Pricing

Instantly Lifetime Deal Pricing

Instantly is offering its lifetime deal on Appsumo for a limited period. The lifetime deal pricing starts at $59 only. You can get a lifetime access to Instantly from app sumo by purchasing this fantastic deal. See detailed pricing below.

Instantly Lifetime Deal Pricing

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  4. Check the mailbox[Both Inbox and Promotion Tab].
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Appsumo 10 Percent Discount Popup

Frequently Asked Questions about

Is your system capable of taking over for MailerLite?

MailerLite, on the other hand, is used for general email marketing, while Instantly is primarily utilized for cold email outreach to B2B customers.

How many teams can I have on my account at one time?

The number of team accounts will be unbounded when the feature is implemented.

Can I Instantly send out customized video emails?

It’s not ready now; however, we have image customization and a personalized landing page in our plan. In the future, we’ll be introducing the ability to send customized video emails!

How many users am I going to get?

We now enable you to share your accounts; however, only one login is allowed per account. According to our roadmap, Team Accounts will be available in the first quarter of 2019.

Does a custom SMTP server have to be used?

We also support custom SMTP.

What is the success rate?

This is mostly determined by the length of your warm-up emails and the quality of your lead list. By following industry standards, we’ve regularly achieved a 95%+ deliverability rate for our clients.

Do you have a customer relationship management system (CRM) built in?

We don’t have any CRM features or connectors; however, we plan to add them. For example, I want to know how much money our agency is raising due to specific initiatives. It would be far more valuable to look at which email campaigns bring in the most value/conversions and expand them instead of simply concentrating on responses (which can be both good and bad).

Is it possible to connect many domains at once to conduct ads for multiple clients at the same time? If so, how many of my clients’ domains can I connect at once?

Yes! You may conduct many campaigns for various clients simultaneously by connecting multiple domains. With only one license, you may connect an infinite number of domains and email accounts!

Immediately, where can I find a thorough video overview of all the features?

Instantly’s site features comprehensive video instruction.

How long has this product been operating, how great is the staff, and where is the firm located?

The team has seven members and has been in operation since July 2021. The headquarters of the business is in the United States.

Is it possible to personalize each email before it is delivered to the recipient?

You may customize each email before it is sent out, which we encourage! Any custom columns or other information you have provided with your lead list may be used as customization tags such as {{CompanyName}}, {{title}}, {{FirstName}}. You may also utilize the Personalization variable/tag in your body text if you’ve submitted personalized lines with your lead list.

Is there an API or webhooks available?

Not yet, but it’s planned for Q1 22! If you have a special request for webhooks, we may put it on the top of our priority list. In the following months, Zapier will be made available to our users.

Does your company support Pabbly Connect?

The Pabbly Connect protocol isn’t supported by us yet. However, we are working on a Zapier integration for the year’s first quarter! Pabbly Connect is a no-brainer on our to-do list as well!

How can you import a list of prospects?

Methods for bringing in new clients:

  • Upload a CSV file
  • Import the data into Google Sheets.
  • Manual

What do you mean by active leads?

All of your active campaigns’ leads are considered active leads. If you run out of space in your plan, you can permanently eliminate old leads to create a place for new ones.


Putting out a cold email campaign and running marathons may not appear to have much in common at first glance—but do either without a warm-up period, and the results aren’t promising.

The whole process of running an innovative campaign is simplified instantly, from sending individualized messages with dynamic tags to doing strategic follow-ups. It also ensures that your emails are not in the spam folder.

Automated cold outreach will help you grow your business.

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