Ideta Lifetime Deal Review – Intercom Alternative?

Even though business is thriving, your customer service line is beginning to feel like the wilting plant in your living room.

If you’re spending all of your time answering the same questions, you’re not spending any time on developing meaningful relationships with your clients.

If only there was a method to keep all of your leads and clients involved without putting an enormous strain on your time and resources.

As a human who buys stuff online, I’ve noticed a worrying trend when it comes to customer support. Most websites have a huge wait time to contact their CX team, and when I finally get in touch with them, the first thing I notice is how bad their people skills are. Other brands use poorly designed chatbots that don’t understand what I want, and I just closed the page instead of trying to deal with them.

In this article, we are talking about Ideta, the chatbot software that gives you everything you need to support your customers in real-time.

Ideta Overview

Supporting your customers in real-time starts with automation. In Ideta, that means picking one of the suite templates that are included free with your account. Or you can start from scratch if you really want to. The flow builder is completely visual, drag and drop, and code-free, so you don’t need to know anything about tech to make it work. Set up replies that use text, media, and even buttons to make your chatbot dynamic and engaging for your users.

There are even advanced options you can include, like automated carousels, product lists, and stripe invoicing. So your chatbot goes beyond simple customer support and actually makes sales for you.

And here’s the coolest thing. If you connect Ideta to a natural language processing software like Google Dialogflow, you’ll actually be able to train your AI to become more realistic, fluid, and helpful in its responses. Things like the difference between Arnold Schwarzenegger and Terminator One versus Terminator Two. And to top it off, you’re in total control of your bot’s branding.

You can easily change its avatar colors and responsiveness across desktop, tablet, and mobile. Plus, you can even adjust for each placement. So you can have a bot that performs one way on Facebook, another way on your website, and still another on Slack.

What is Ideta?

Ideta is an artificial intelligence-powered platform that allows you to create dynamic chat and phone bots to minimize your burden and generate leads without the need to know any programming.

Ideta is an alternative tool of  Intercom and Crisp.

Who Need Ideta?

  • Support Team
  • Marketers
  • Business Owners

Basically, Ideta is a must-have tool for all the people who want to get more leads and also want to decrease their workload.

Ideta Features

Build Chat or Call BOTS


Ideta Lifetime Deal Chat and Call Bot Feature

Ideta’s no-code interface allows even non-technical people to create a smart bot that reduces their effort and increases client satisfaction at the same time.

Your website, Facebook Messenger, Slack, WhatsApp, and other platforms may all be used to communicate with clients via a chat or phone bot created by you.

Through the creation of new discussion scenario templates and the modification of existing ones, you’ll gain a comprehensive understanding of the user experience without writing a single word of code.

It’s important to make a good first impression, so you can even change the look of your bot to match your brands, like the color of the avatar and the color of the chat bubble.

Train your bot with Words, Intentions, and Bring Human Touch


Ideta Lifetime Deal Bot Training Features

Your bot, on the other hand, improves with age, unlike the Halloween sweets you probably should have thrown out by now.

Improving your chatbot is now easier than ever before thanks to artificial intelligence (AI). That way, clients feel like they’re engaging with a real person, rather than a computer program.

Add and change training phrases, intents, and entities to help your chatbot get better at talking to people over the years.

The analytics dashboard will show you how well your chatbot is doing based on the data it collects from conversations.

Human-Agent in BOT Conversation


Ideta Lifetime Deal Human Agent Feature

Is your phone always ringing? Ideta has you covered there as well.

By using artificial intelligence to automate sections of your contact center, you may give your call employees a break and save them time answering repetitive queries.

You may also connect your bot to any API, allowing you to get notifications when clients begin conversing with you.

When the interaction requires an even more personal touch, you can allow a support agent to intervene and take over the chat.


Ideta Lifetime Deal Integrations

In addition to keeping up a dialogue, your bot can also manage some of your internal procedures, allowing you to gather and follow up on leads.

It is possible to automate processes like gathering customer information and booking appointments by integrating your bot with your work tools.

From there, the bot may transmit information to your agents, CRM, and Google Sheets, as well as send email and so on.

Furthermore, because you may make your bot multilingual, you’ll be able to communicate with consumers all around the world.

Ideta Pricing

Ideta Regular Pricing

Ideta Regular pricing starts from 29€/month and it can increase depending on your need. See detailed pricing below.

Ideta Regular Pricing

Ideta Lifetime Deal Pricing

Ideta Lifetime Deal pricing starts at $69 per month and it can increase depending on your need. See the detailed pricing below.

Ideta Lifetime Deal Pricing

Ideta Lifetime Deal Features

  • Stripe and Zapier integrations; Pabbly Connect Comming soon.
  • API Ingegrations (send and receive data)
  • Email notifications
  • NLP
  • Human handover
  • All future updates in SAMURAI Plan.
  • Analytics

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Frequently Asked Questions about Ideta

Ideta has been in business for how long?

Since 2017, Ideta has been developing chatbots for clients. First and foremost, Ideta began by offering advisory services to large organizations. During this process, Ideta began developing a platform that would meet the requirements we observed while working with customer service experts.

When it comes to building chatbots, what makes Ideta the best platform?

👉🏻 Livechat that is simple to use

👉🏻 Visual builder for pre-filled responses and chatbots

👉🏻 Intent recognition is made possible by deep connections with Dialogflow

👉🏻 Analytical services tailored to your needs

What exactly constitutes a Session?

A session is defined as a multi-message interaction between your bot and an end-user, regardless of the number of messages sent between them. Throughout the course of the Appsumo offer, the monthly session specified in the deal is refreshed on a monthly basis as well.

What are Member Seats and how do they work?

You can include as many persons as you need in order to construct your chatbot. However, there is a limit to the number of Support Seats available, which is the number of individuals who can provide live responses to your clients. 👩🏽‍💻

How can I be certain of the number of members I will require?

If you are utilizing Ideta for your own business, ask yourself how many individuals typically respond to your clients’ calls or emails.

If you are utilizing Ideta for your clients, how many individuals do you believe will be available to answer live questions from customers? A tiny firm typically employs three people on average. If you intend to have 10 clients by the end of the year, it equates to 30 available seats.

Can I connect my own WhatsApp API?

Yes, you can.

Is it user-friendly in terms of several languages?

Despite the fact that Ideta is available in English and French, the material may be shown in a variety of other languages. However, there may be certain limits when it comes to natural language processing algorithms (NLP: Dialogflow, Luis, Watson, Alexa, Wit, Rasa, Recast, and so on) and machine learning techniques. Check the documentation thoroughly before proceeding.

It appears to be just for ChatBot purposes, but can a “genuine” agent interact with clients using this channel?

At any point throughout the chat, a support agent can step in and take control.

Is everything, from a design standpoint, completely customizable?

Yes, the Ideta bot can be completely customized. You may customize the bot, the text, the bubble colors, the pop-up shape and icon, the beginning menu, the bubble shapes, user reactions, and a variety of other aspects of the game.

Aside from the human handoff, what is the difference between your chatbot and your conditional logic Q&A system? Is your chatbot capable of understanding natural language queries and sentences?

The primary distinction is that by employing a natural language processing algorithm (also known as NLP in short), you can recognize intentions and entities through the use of examples, allowing your discussion to flow more smoothly.

In a guided chat, the user can only choose from the alternatives that have been pre-selected by the facilitator. In contrast, your users will be able to enter their thoughts into a conversational bot powered by artificial intelligence.

Is Ideta a guided chat or a natural language processing (NLP) bot?

You have the option of doing both at the same time.

Is there a mobile app for Android that we can use to communicate with the leads?

Despite the fact that we do not currently have a mobile application (although this is on our to-do list), our website has been designed to work with the majority of modern browsers.

Do you allow for complete white labeling? for both the backend and the frontend? Is it possible to have an agency-branded URL (cname) and workspaces (subaccounts)?

For the time being, we only enable white labeling for the chatbot itself; nevertheless, the back office retains the Ideta branding.

For the time being, we do not support Cname in our workspaces, however, we do support subaccounts. We’ve put it on our to-do list for the time being. Nonetheless, just for the chatbot, not for the back office (if you want to use it as a full-page for example).

Is it possible to make full-screen bots in the same way as landbot does so well?

Yes, you may display pages in full-screen mode.

Is it feasible to call APIs and then display the outcomes of those calls in the flows?

Yes, it is possible to perform API calls and display the results later in the chat, as seen below.

Is this similar to the popular Manychat service?

Yes, we are identical to Manychat when it comes to the integration with Messenger.

However, there are more channels accessible, and the integration with artificial intelligence is more effective.

If you want to connect with WhatsApp, do you have to have Twilio installed and pay for it?

Twilio is required, to be precise. And then we assist you in managing your Whatsapp messages and responding to your consumers in a timely manner!

Is it possible to incorporate your chatbot into the WordPress backend?

Yes, it is possible.

What do you consider to be your unique selling proposition?

Our USP is our simplicity of use, especially when it comes to integrating artificial intelligence (NLP) into your chatbot quickly and efficiently, as well as the numerous platforms to which we can link.

I’m now using Manychat, and I’m seeking a better alternative to use. What makes your product different from Manychat? Do you think it can compete with Manychat?

Yes, you may think of us as a substitute for Manychat in certain ways.

Are you going to include Instagram direct messages into your product?

Instagram is on our list of things to do.

Do you intend to integrate with Pabbly Connect in the future?

Pabbly Connect is a feature that will be implemented in the future. It will be included as soon as possible.


The monotony of answering the same questions over and again might make you feel like a robot. Patience must be retrained.

For example, you may design a chatbot that answers all of your potential leads and customer questions with a human touch so that you can increase your customer engagement.

Put an end to the hectic task without sending the busy signal to your consumers.

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