How you can earn $1000 Per Month – The Passivern Formula

Provide Value

Just think that why do you pay money someone? I think you pay money to someone only when you will get something from them that matter for your life.

Similarly , do you want to earn money? So if Yes, then ask yourself, why people will pay you money? What value you are providing for them so that they are happy to pay you?

This is the “First Secret” my friend that is “Providing Value”. To earn money at first , you have to provide some value to others from whom you expect to earn money.

1 Thing at a Time

The second secret is “1 Thing at a time”. Do 1 thing at a time. Take 1 project at a time. Such as you have started a YouTube channel. At first start earning on this channel then go for another money making project. Do not overlap between multiple project. Just remember “1 Thing at a time; do not multitask”. Everyone who making money online are consistent in 1 thing. So at beginning , be consistent in 1 thing my friend. When you will start to make money from this project then take another project. But don’t do multiple things in one time.


Then come to the “Third Secret”. Consistency is the key. In life, whatever you want to do, you have to be consistence. Do you want to make good result in your Exam? You have to be consistence in your study. Want to be the best cricket player? You have to be consistence in your practice during month after month and sometimes year after year? Like this anything you want in your life, you have to be consistence on this thing and you have work on it consistently from month after month. Then you can expect your result.

Similarly, Online income is not the alternative. There are many thing out there to make money online. Different people doing different thing. But they are consistent what they are doing. An youtuber making YouTube video during month after month. A blogger writing blogs day after day. A freelancer working on his particular project only such as video editor editing video during a long time and making him perfect on this skills day by day , graphics designer editing photos during a long period of time and making him perfect on this skills day by day , a web developer are making him perfect on his field during a long time. So be consistent on 1 thing and make money from it , the go for another thing.

Be Producer , rather than consumer

The fourth secret is “Be producer, rather than consumer”. If you are the person who wants to make money online and watching money making video one after another in YouTube but do not taking action anymore , then you are consumer. Consumers do not earn , they pay. Whenever you are watching video of others , you are paying them watch time and ad revenue. I am not discouraging you to watch others video. Watch video, learn and then “Take Action”. Taking action is very important. If you do not take action, you will not get the reaction (=Money), right? So learn and take action. Produce something. Do not only consume.

Help First , then expect money

The fifth Secret is ” Help first, then expect money“. Every great things take time. So keep helping others , people will pay you. Do not worry much about money. Give some free service. Then offer paid work. Be expert by doing free works. And if you are an YouTuber , keep creating content. You will earn a great amount of money after 1 or 2 years.

Thank you so much for watching. Your time will be wasted if you don’t follow the advice. So please , follow the rules for at least 1 to 2 years and get result. I hope you will make money one day within 1 or 2 years.

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