Flash Lead Lifetime Deal Review – Salesforce and HubSpot Alternative?

How many of your leads are this close to making a purchase? How many of them slip through the cracks because your sales team can’t follow up? And how many of your leads are lost to your competitors who reach out one more time than you did? It’s not so fun to think about, right?

But let’s look at your options about what you can do to avoid this problem.

  1. You could take a small million-dollar loan from your father and beef up your sales team.
  2. You could beg your family to work with you in exchange for equity.
  3. Or you could use Flash Lead Pro.

Of course, the first and second options are not such a good idea, so I think you must follow the third idea; why?

Because Lead creation is the essential aspect of any sales campaign, maintaining leads and following up with them is time-consuming and takes a lot of effort.

Wouldn’t it be fantastic if you could have a single customer relationship management system that handled all of your lead creation needs? Then you can devote your time and energy to your sales and marketing initiatives.

Today in this blog, we’re talking about Flash Lead Lifetime Deal, the CRM solution that turns every salesperson on your team into a superstar. You will find all the things you need to know about Flash Lead in this Flash Lead Review article.

What is Flash Lead?

Flash Lead is a tool that you can use to manage your internal communication, automate marketing messages, and enable multichannel dialogues all in one place.

It assists in the generation of more leads and sales than previously.

It is possible to speed up the entire process of conversion by automating lead tracking and streamlining team communication through Flash Lead.

Flash Lead is the alternative to Salesforce, HubSpot, and Zoho.

Who Need Flash Lead?

Flash Lead is Best for:

  • Sales and marketing managers
  • Online Business Owners
  • Solopreneurs
  • Digital Marketers

Flash Lead Pro at A Glance

You can chat directly with potential customers on WhatsApp, Facebook Messenger, and Instagram, all from one unified conversations dashboard. That means your sales team can come in with low friction follow-up after that essential first touch. It’s kind of like romancing a special someone after your first Tinder date.

You don’t want to come off too strong with a phone call, but you don’t want them to slip away either, so you send a few texts back and forth until it’s time to close the deal. Here’s another incredible tool you can use to support your sales squad — automated SMS marketing. The magic here comes from the Flashlight Pro team’s preset features set up for you. The only thing you need to do to make the automation work is select the trigger, create your action, and activate it. So, for example,

  • You want to automatically start a conversation with someone when they submit a lead form on Facebook. Done.
  • You want to follow up with someone who hasn’t replied in a month. Done.
  • You want to give a special discount to high potential leads but haven’t yet purchased. Done. Done.

But that’s not all you can do with automation. Let me show you how you can manage your leads, too. Your salespeople can add details to each of the leads they’re responsible for from the CRM, right? So usually, you’re relying on them to keep everything organized. But let’s get real. That’s not how salespeople like to be. Instead, take control by setting up rules that keep your leads in the right spot in your pipeline.

That way, prospects aren’t getting lost on their journey to paying you the big Bucks. And that is how you’re going to boost your sales team’s efficiency. Make it easier on your salespeople to close more deals by grabbing flash leads pro today.




Flash Lead Pro Features


Flash Lead Pro Top Features

Omnichannel Conversations

This feature means that in Flash Lead Pro, you will be able to make omnichannel conversions with WhatsApp Business, Instagram, and Facebook Messenger.

The omnichannel communication capability in Flash Lead Pro allows you to communicate leads across several platforms in a single window, making communication extremely simple. With the integration of Facebook Messenger and Instagram, you’ll always know which platform you’re conversing in because the tool highlights the emblem for each platform.

If you start talking to someone who isn’t currently on one of your lead lists, you can easily add that person as a lead with a single click on the prospect’s name.

Flash Lead Lifetime Deal Social Media Platform Connection Feature

Detailed Visualization of Sales Pipeline

Using Flash Lead Pro’s dashboard, you can personalize and see every step of your sales pipeline.

The Flash Lead Pro interface allows you to schedule meetings with prospects and even send automatic push reminders to remind you to show up. In addition, you’ll be able to determine the optimal time of day to contact your customers based on the data from your company’s call logs.

To stay on top of customer feedback, your team completes regular data analysis reports that document every action they take.

Additionally, you may communicate with your team about the progress of any lead using internal chat features.

Flash Lead Lifetime Deal Sales Pipeline Feature

Customer Relationship Management(CRM)

Facebook Leads can be linked to a CRM to make it easier to keep track of them. Using it, you can improve your sales and marketing improvements more than before. You can create lead entry and delivery more efficiently and get interaction tracking, team management, reports, and chances.

Quite a surprise, you will have a wholly integrated deals module.

Whatsapp for business

Flash Lead Pro lets you use WhatsApp Business to connect all the people in your company to one account. People who work for the company will see sales, marketing, and management reports on this page.

In WhatsApp Business, you can set up automated replies that help you communicate better with your customers.

Automated SMS and Email Marketing

With Flash Lead Pro’s personalized automated and smarter SMS campaigns, you can execute more effective campaigns.

When a new user signs up for your service, a welcome email message is automatically sent to the user’s email address.

You may also set up your own system that automatically moves and reassigns leads when they reach a specific stage in your pipeline.


Flash Lead Lifetime Deal SMS and Email Message Feature

Leads Integration

When you use Flash Lead Pro, you can import existing contacts from Facebook Leads and Google Forms with a few clicks of a button. In addition, you may import leads straight from website landing pages into the system.

Aside from that, you’ll be able to manually input new leads and upload old lists from Microsoft Excel for any legacy lists that you may have preserved on your computer.

Flash Lead Pro allows you to categorize and arrange each contact, ensuring that your lists are constantly updated and well-organized.

Flash Lead Lifetime Deal Integrations Features

Automation in marketing

Flash Lead Pro has a marketing automation flow that lets you send automated text messages and emails. This automation marketing feature helps you get more leads. You can stay in touch with your customers and keep them updated on your progress.

Click here to learn more about Flash Lead Pro.

Flash Lead Pro Regular Pricing

Flash Lead Pro Regular Pricing is $25/month/user. See details pricing below.


Flash Lead Regular Pricing

Flash Lead Pro Lifetime Deal Pricing

Flash Lead Pro offers its lifetime deal in Appsumo for a limited time, whose pricing starts from $69 and can be up to $299, depending on your need. Here is the total pricing of Flash Lead Lifetime Deal.


Flash Lead Lifetime Deal Pricing


So you can get lifetime access to Flash Lead Pro from App Sumo by purchasing this deal.

Get an Extra 10% Discount on Flash Lead Lifetime Deal.


Passivern Lifetime Deal Special Discount

Follow the procedure:

  1. Click Here and Go to the landing page of Flash Lead Lifetime Deal.
  2. Wait some time (20-30 seconds) until the discount popup appear.
  3. After appearing the discount pop up, enter your Email[Enter a New Email]
  4. Check the mailbox[Both Inbox and Promotion Tab].
  5. You will get a unique discount code for a 10% discount in the mail. Use this code on the coupon section at the time of purchase.
  6. Make sure you buy the deal from the same Email on which you get the discount code.

Appsumo 10 Percent Discount Popup

Frequently Asked Questions about Flash Lead


Does your company support lead magnets, such as the opportunity for leads to download whitepapers after supplying the necessary information?

The landing page and flow of the lead magnet are entirely up to you; however, after someone submits their information to your form, Flash Lead authority obtain that information and proceed as needed.

Can I connect Zapier and Pabbly Connect into my system?

It’s on the to-do list, and it should be accessible shortly.

What product is sumolings tied to on the Flash Lead website? Two different products are mentioned on the Flash Lead website, including Flash Lead CRM and Flash Lead Pro.

When you purchase Flash Lead Pro through our app sumo deal, you’ll get everything that’s included in the accessible version of Flash Lead CRM, as well as all of the features listed above, plus Meet Me (a tool for organizing meetings). Regarding SMS, You may acquire SMS credit through Twilio, and Flash Lead Pro provides an integration so that you can put the credit you have purchased to good use.

Are SMS included in the app sumo package, or do we need to purchase them separately?

You may acquire text message credit through Twilio, and Flash Lead provides an integration so that you can make use of the credit you’ve purchased.

What are the benefits of the Flash Lead Lifetime Deal?

You are getting Flash Lead for a lifetime. So you don’t have to pay for every month. You can buy one time and use it rest of your life to generate unlimited words for your blog.

How to get a 10% Discount in Flash Lead Lifetime Deal in App Sumo?

Follow the procedures —

  • Step 1: To begin, click here, which will take you to the product page.
  • Step 2: After a few moments, you will see a popup with a 10% discount coupon.
  • Step 3: In the popup, enter a new Email address that you have never used in Appsumo.
  • Step 4: After submitting, take a few moments to check your mails [both Promotion and Inbox].
  • Step 5: You will receive an email from Appsumo with a unique PROMO CODE for a 10% discount on Flash Lead Lifetime Deal.
  • Step 6: Next, sign up for an Appsumo account using the same email address, and then click the “Buy Now” button on the Flash Lead Lifetime Deal product page.
  • Step 7: You will be sent to a page to enter your promotional code. En er your coupon code below to receive a 10% discount right now.
  • So if the paramount price of the Flash Lead Lifetime Deal is $59, after getting a 10% discount, you can buy it for $53.1 for your Lifetime.

Is there a money-back guarantee in Flash Lead Lifetime Deal?

Yes, of course. You are getting 60 days money-back guarantee in the Flash Lead lifetime deal from Appsumo, no matter the reason. So buy it today and use it for the next 60 days. If you think it is not helpful, you can refund your full money within these 60 days of purchase.

Is it possible to get a free trial of the Flash Lead Lifetime Deal?

Both yes and no. You need to purchase it before, and you may use it for 60 days. If you don’t like it after 60 days, you can get a refund without giving a reason. So it’s sort of like a free trial.


If you have all the messaging tools you need to stay on top of your employees and your prospects, you’ll take home the gold in the Office Olympics category “Most Tabs Open in Browser Window.”

Fortunately, Flash Lead Pro’s integrated communication capabilities save up your time so you can close more business (and win better awards).

Transform scalable business growth into seamless communication.

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