Facebook Ads Course Step by Step

These Facebook advertisement guides are perfect for anyone looking to generate more revenue for a business. In this article, you’ll learn everything from pixel monitoring to conversion targeting and power tooling. Don’t expect another person to come out. You make a decision now. Let’s get going! This ad guide for Facebook is an excellent way to promote your product to 2.6 billion people.

Learning Facebook Ads is a practical process. That’s why I will show you practically everything by recording videos. I will share the link of every tutorial video here in this blog. Everything you need will be well decorated.

Section 1: Introduction to Facebook Ads

Whenever you want to learn a new thing you have to face with introduction and introduction is always theoritical, right? Actually this is the art of learning new thing. So before starting our practical work , you need to take some theoritical knoladge about Facebook Ads. Without wasting time, let’s start.

First of all clear your intention. You are going to learn Facebook Ads and it will take some time from your life. Now why do you spend this much amount of time from your life? We believe your time is valuable. Thats why you need to clear your intention at first. To clear your intention in any topic ask yourself three question “What?” , “Why?” and “How?”

So, What are you learning here? I think the answer is you are learning “Facebook Ads”. Some of you may think you are lerning “Facebook Marketing”. But learning “Facebook Marketing” is not possible ; so you are learning “Facebook Ads” here in this course. The difference between “Facebook Ads” and “Facebook Marketing” will be discussed in later section.

After that, Why are you learning Facebook Ads? I think you need it in your career. It can be for marketplace works or for your own business. You can use the knowladge from this course in both case.

The last question is How will you learn it? Of course you should learn it from this Tutorial. You can read the blog first and after that you can watch the videos. It will be most helpful. But if you have less time then you can watch the videos only. It will also help.


4P of Marketing

To explain the difference between Ads and Marketing , we need to know the 4P of Marketing.

The 4P of marketing are –

  1. Product
  2. Price
  3. Place
  4. Promotion

These are the fundamental things of marketing. If you want to say anything marketing , then it must contain all these 4 characteristics. Now let’s see if Facebook have all these or not.

The first P:

The first P is Product. Suppose you have a business. Now can facebook help you to develop your product? I think “No”. Because your product is previously developed. You or your vendors are developing your product. It’s not developed by Facebook, right? So Facebook can not contribute on the first P of marketing. I think it’s clear.

The Second P:

The second P of marketing is Price. You have a product , now need to setup the price of this product. Can Facebook help you to develop your pricing strategy? I think Facebook cannot. Because you will set your product’s price according to your costing and need. Thus Facebook cannot contribute on your pricing strategy which is the second P of marketing.

The Third P:

The third P of marketing is Place. What does this “Place” means? Place means the “Availability” of your product or service. Suppose your product or service are in New York city only. Now if someone wants your product or service in Callifornia, is it possible with the help of Facebook to make available your product in Callifornia? I think “No”. Because the availability of your products are maintained by you and your company. So Facebook cannot help you in this third P also.

The Fourth P:

The fourth P is “Promotion”. What does promotion means? Promotion is the marketing strategy of your product or services by which you can reach to your targeted audiences with your product or service. Now where can you find your audiences? Facebook has already 2.5 billion build audineces. You can reach to these audiences by paying Facebook. So Facebook can help you in case of this fourth P of marketing.

Thus the only part of marketing on which Facebook can help you is “Promotion”. And this promotion is done by Facebook Ads. So “Facebook Marketing” is not a correct word, it will be “Facebook Ads”. And in this article you will learn Facebook Ads step by step.

All this explanation you can watch from this video:

Like vs Follow

Like is showing support on a page. Suppose you find our facebook page “Passivern” and seems to you that the page is good enough. Then you just liked the page to show support on the page.

Follow is telling facebook algorighm that you love the page so much that you want every post of this page on your newsfeed instantly.

Now if you don’t know how to like a page and how to follow then please watch the video that mentioned bellow.

Section 2: How to Create a brand Facebook Page:

It’s very easy and simple task to create your Facebook page. But still there are some funtionality that maybe you don’t know. Or still there are some persons who don’t familiar with that. That’s why I am making this part. If you are familiar with that, you can skip it. How to make a brand new facebook page for your business is explained in this video. Watch it with full concentration and create your Facebook page.


Section 3: Facebook Ads Policy

Hello Everyone! In this part I’m going to tell you about Facebook Ads Policies. There are a lot of things going on with the way ads work on Facebook, but this article section is going to show how they work for businesses as well as regular users.

Here I’m going to teach you about the policies that Facebook has when it comes to advertising. It’s a very sensitive subject and people often don’t know what they can and cannot do on the Facebook. So, in this article section, I’ll tell you everything is in plain English so you don’t have any more questions once we’re done! It’s important that you understand these policies because if they ban your ad then it could hurt your business drastically or prevent it from growing at all. So take some minute and watch this video completely.

Learning and running Facebook ads is so easy but you have to know the policy of Facebook. Otherwise you cannot run your or your clients business on Facebook platform.

Whatever platform you are using, you must have to know their terms and conditions or policies.

Now in case of Facebook, just go to this link — https://business.facebook.com/policies/ads

Just go to this link and read step by step all their policies. I will not explain it here because all the things are already explained in this website. Today when I am writing this article is 2021. But maybe you are reading this article in 2030. Facebook policy will not remain same in 2030 as it is in 2021. So it would be great that you should learn the policy by Facebook’s own website.

I am just showing the path here how and where to learn it. So go to this link and read all their updated policies step by step if you want to run your business on Facebook smoothly.


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