Deep Talk Lifetime Deal Review – Voice Of Customer Analysis

You have to understand what people are saying regarding your business when you’re not around, just like you need to know what your family is saying about your magical house.

Only if you know how to mine user-company conversations you can improve your customers’ experience, sales, support, and artificial intelligence teams.

Emails, surveys, and online conversations include a wealth of valuable information that can help you build your business.

Using Deep Talk, it’s possible to turn your company’s conversations and emails into valuable data that you can use to increase customer satisfaction, sales, and AI bots.

What is Deep Talk?

Deep Talk is a conversational artificial intelligence that translates text from your company’s chats, surveys, and emails into meaningful data. It is the most efficient method of extracting insights from unstructured data and increasing customer satisfaction.

Deep Talk is an alternative to Chattermill, MonkeyLearn, and Amazon Comprehend.

Deep Talk’s artificial intelligence system analyzes customers’ chats to develop personalized content items or solutions. Deep Talk use conversation analysis about everything from email to support conversations to learn what your customers are saying. To keep track of the most often discussed subjects, you might use Sunburst Charts, which display root words and their closest synonyms.



🔥🔥 What will you uncover in Deep Talk is a mystery?

  • A few clicks will reveal what your customers are talking about in general text and conversational data. Topic detection for conversations will show what your customers are talking about in available text and conversational data.
  • Topic trends and evolution – Different Group themes together so that you can keep track of them (Sales, Complaints, Leads, etc.)
  • Each topic has its word cloud.



Who Need Deep Talk?

Deep Talk is the best tool for –

  • Product Owner
  • Consumer Service Team
  • Entrepreneurs
  • Data Scientists
  • Data Analysts

Who is the user of Deep Talk?

  • Customer success teams would like to know what kind of issues individuals are experiencing, what new features have been requested, and the most common subjects being discussed by their customers.
  • User experience teams that are looking to identify complaints and the reasons why consumers are dissatisfied.
  • Sales teams looking to identify sales possibilities in interactions, emails, and online chats.
  • Customer service teams wish to identify the most common concerns or problems that individuals are experiencing.
  • Artificial Intelligence/Analytics teams who do not want to spend months developing and implementing NLP/DL algorithms to analyze the data or building chatbots from scratch

Deep Talk Features

Deep Talk’s artificial intelligence system analyzes customer chats to provide better content, goods, or plans using different inputs.

Conversation Analysis

Deep Talk offers your Conversation Analysis feature that you can use about everything from emails to helpdesk chats to learn what your customers are saying.


Deep Talk Lifetime Deal Charts Features

Sunburst Chart

With Sunburst Charts, you’ll be able to see the root words but their most related phrases, as well as the percentage of users who are using them.

To maintain track of your client’s interest in specific topics, Deep Talk provides the ability to monitor conversations over time.


Deep Talk Lifetime Deal Sunburst Chart

Keyword Looking

You’ll be able to keep track of the most relevant themes for your business, as well as preview written pieces that contain the keywords you’re looking for.

In addition, you’ll be able to attract new customers through SEO by identifying popular phrases, related terms, and often used keywords that you can incorporate into a material such as FAQs and blog posts, among other things.

Trending Topic Discovery

Deep Talk’s interface allows you to track the progression of a topic over time because no trending topic lasts forever.

Using the Discovery tab, you may monitor how themes have changed over time and discover new search terms or keywords that represent consumer values.

Tracking seasonal, product, or event occurrences can help you see how customers’ conversations evolve.


Deep Talk Lifetime Deal Topic Discovery Feature


Is there a location where you keep your data? No problem—Deep Talk also makes it simple to import data!

Get up and running quickly by uploading a CSV file or integrating the platform with your current tools, like Intercom. More integrations such as Pabbly Connect, Zapier, Integrately, etc., are coming soon.

Sorting by name, document type, date of creation, or analysis stage will make tracking and managing your uploaded files easier.

Deep Talk Pricing

Deep Talk Regular Pricing

Deep Talk Regular Pricing Starts at $90/month and it can be up to $400/month. See the detailed pricing below.

Deep Talk Regular Pricing

Deep Talk Lifetime Deal Pricing

Deep Talk is now offering its lifetime deal in Appsumo only at $69. So you can get lifetime access to Deep Talk from App Sumo. See the detailed pricing of Deep Talk below.

Deep Talk Lifetime Deal Pricing

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Deep Talk Lifetime Deal Features

  • Provided Deep Learning models
  • One NLP platform for all your chatter
  • Upload data or connect to a service
  • Intercom and CSV files compatible
  • Examine text, conversations, emails, surveys, and social media.
  • Find themes in customer chats (easy visualization with all messages clustered)
  • Analyze unstructured data by extracting customer conversation topic hierarchies.
  • Observe the topic
  • Common conversation clusters
  • Encryption

Frequently Asked Questions About Deep Talk


If so, do Deep Talk plan to connect to a database such as Postgres in the future?

An API will be available in March that will allow us to link to a wide range of other services such as CRMs, Helpdesks, and Survey Tools.

How can we merge Deep Talk with it if we don’t own the platform or have access to the CSV files containing the postings and answers?

How can we merge Deep Talk with it if we don’t own the platform or have access to the CSV files containing the postings and answers?

Is sentiment analysis available in Deep Talk?

Cluster and message sentiment analysis are currently being tested; the feature will be released in the next month or so. In order to provide the most excellent text and conversational data analysis, we have devoted ourselves to developing deep learning models. We’ll make sure you’re up to date on everything!

Is it possible for me to localize my resources?

No, Deep Talk uses text and conversational data from Intercom and surveys, emails, and chats to evaluate and get insights.

Does LiveAgent have an API that I can use?

This functionality will soon be available.

How long has Deep Talk been in business? MRR is something I’d be interested in seeing.

We’ve been working on deep learning models for about three years and the no-code platform for about a year. With our current clients, we are concentrating on integrations. Thank you so much for your help!

Does Deep Talk intend to give Webhooks to easily and quickly implement several integrations like mine?

Yes, webhooks are being developed for specific situations where they are a better service integration method.

Could I utilize this to find and group relevant keywords for our website’s SEO?

Our models can now analyze text/conversational data. We don’t see a simple way to turn SEO information into text data, although Deep Talk models may be helpful if you do.

Is it possible to use it in a language other than English?

German, French, English, Spanish, Italian and Portuguese are all supported.

Would you mind sharing a success story of yours about which you are glad?

We have a slew of significant use cases… here are a few of them.

  • With Deep Talk, a bank could analyze hundreds of thousands of honest conversations with clients and build a chatbot from scratch in just one week!
  • Our platform supports English, French, Spanish, Portuguese, and German. – A SaaS start-up wanted to identify product feature requests and create a group in our platform with various topics related to those requests. – A retail company wanted to analyze the thousands of survey responses they received every day in different countries and languages.
  • A non-profit organization’s goal was to study the interactions between psychologists and those seeking their help.
  • Fintech uses deep Talk to identify sales opportunities in Whatsapp chats.

How would Deep Talk keep track of how many rows of data it has for each month?

Monthly data rows are calculated as the total number of unique processing rows in a month. Consequently, several processes by the same row in the same month are only counted as one discussion.


Thanks to Deep Talk, you can receive the inside scoop on client sentiment without having to learn to program or hire costly teams of data scientists.

No matter how tough, you can’t magically be everywhere people have been talking regarding your business.

OnOn the other hand, Deep Talk allows you to obtain the inside scoop on customer sentiment without hiring pricey data scientists or programmers.

Listen to what your customers have to say about the areas you should be focusing on.

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